Thursday, February 7, 2013

Secrets Review

Jessica “Fenton,” whose real name is Jessica Morgan is trying to hide her identity and begin a new life for herself. She crashes into Glenbrooke, Oregon rolling her car and being rescued by Prince Charming aka Kyle Buchanan. The teacher that was supposed to welcome her is also in the hospital in worse condition than her after a stroke. Her rescuer helps her find her way to her new home and helps her settle in. Jessica says she wants to be independent but in the process she pushes away everyone she meets.

Secrets is a very powerful book for me. It spoke to me probably more than any other book I’ve ever read. All in all the book deserves 5 stars. As I read I was frustrated with Jessica for letting her secret have so much power over her when she wanted to be free and independent. Even after Prince Charming spills his secret, she is still reluctant to give into hers until the new principal forces her into taking a “sick day.” It makes you scream JUST TELL EVERYONE ALREADY! HOW BAD CAN IT BE?? However, after reaching the end I was pretty satisfied with the story as a whole.

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